Talbis Iblis - Ibn Al Jawzi

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In the Muslim tradition, Satan (or Iblis), blinded by his pride, convinced of his superiority over man, refused to obey the order of his Lord: "Prostrate yourself before him whom I have created from the earth " [17/61].

His disobedience and pride cost him damnation. For Iblis the only cause of his decline is man, this being of dust that the creator has chosen to place above all creatures.

In turn, Iblis the fallen jinn, tried to push Adam to disobedience by advising him to eat a fruit from the forbidden tree and this in order to be, in turn, disgraced.
From now on, banished by their Lord, Iblis and Adam will find themselves in the same place of exile, the world below. Iblis will grant no respite to Adam and his offspring. It is relentlessly that he will try to divert humanity from the right path to lead it to its loss. The cunning will, by an effect of illusion, show the fakes in the form of the real (talbis). He succeeded in replacing true beliefs and true worship with falsehoods, leading men away from truth and reality.

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