In 2012, after several months of research, I made this decision that would change my whole life. I converted to Islam al hamdoulilah. Modesty, I did not know, I was sure of my choice of religion but I did not intend to wear the hijab, I was going to do everything except that! But I had so much gratitude that over the days, practice, prayer and finally modesty returned to my heart. I was not ready but two months later, I decided to obey Allah by putting on this scarf that scared me so much. I didn't have the right clothes and at the time there was no "modest fashion" shop.

I worked as a store manager for major international brands. So I decided to take my courage in both hands and exploit my potential to help young women like me to dress modestly while keeping their style. In 2014 Al Mastoura Shop was born.


“Mastoura” means modestly covered. This word I heard for the first time when I had just converted and I found it so pretty. When I had to find a name for my shop, it was the first that came to mind. After 7 years Al Mastoura Shop becomes La Mastoura.


I've always had this vision of helping women, bringing them together and giving them a voice. We are the first store in Montreal to create women-only events, in-store fashion shows, henna, Hijab tutorial and stories, launches of other brands and more… This store is a place for women empowerment.


Spread modesty for all women who want to have a modest and trendy style. La Mastoura strives to bring you the finest quality hijabs, offering you a range of colors and materials that will perfectly match your style. We also offer collections of chic and elegant clothing that will enhance you.